Feldmeier and Ignatius Lab – Affiliated Scientists

Infection Epidemiology

Prof. Dr. Ralf Ignatius
Prof. Dr. Ralf Ignatius
PI Infection Epidemiology

Prof. Dr. Hermann Feldmeier
Prof. Dr. Hermann Feldmeier
PI Neglected Tropical Diseases



  • Morbidity assessment in tropical parasitic skin diseases
  • Control of tungiasis in the Amazon lowlands of Colombia
  • Diagnosis of scabies in resource-poor settings
  • Pathogenesis of severe tick-bite-associated dermatosis, the Cauca Province, Southwest Colombia

Projects in planning

  • „Tungiasis in East Africa-an interdisciplinary approach to understand the interactions between parasite and host” together with Dr. Jürgen Krücken, Institute of Parasitology and Tropical  Veterinary Medicine, Freie Universität Berlin (FUB); Dr. Ulrike Fillinger, International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology, Kenia (ICIPE); Prof. Dr. Charles Waiswa, School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Resources, College of Veterinary Animal Resources and Biosecurity, Makerere University, Uganda (MAK)
  • “Transmission of hazardous pathogens through traditional treatment of tungiasis”, together with Prof. Dr. Felix Drexler, Institut für Virologie, Universität Bonn

Lab Members

Felix Reichert

Susanne Wiese