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Host Septomics

Prof. Dr. med. Hortense Slevogt
Prof. Dr. med. Hortense Slevogt
PI Host Septomics

Jena University Hospital


+49 3641 9-396520

Host Septomicsresearch group for infection and microbiom research” analyses the mechanism of the innate immune response of the host to microbial associated infections on cellular and molecular level. A special focus is placed on the acute and chronical infections of airways and the lung. Different aspects of the complex interaction between pathogens, microbiome and various immune cells are characterised and analysed with cutting-edge methods of next generation sequencing, mass spectrometry as well as molecular biology. We aim to identify new clinical parameters for the diagnosis and the follow-up of pulmonary inflammation as well as the development of new therapeutic strategies.


Running projecs at Charité:

  • InfectControl 2020: KARMIN, „Krankenhaus-ARchitektur, Mikrobiom und INfektionen im Krankenhaus“ Hospital architecture, microbiome and hospital infections (In collaboration with Prof. Dr. Petra Gastmeier, Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine)


  • InfectControl 2020: CLIP-ID-TV4: „The impact of climate changes on the occurrence of infections in Germany and studies on decolonization” (In collaboration with Prof. Dr. Petra Gastmeier, Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine)


  • In application: The role of Moraxella catarrhalis and Haemophilus influenza for the reprogramming of human airway epithelium in chronic obstructive lung disease



Frauke Schreiber
Frauke Schreiber
Technical Assistant


+49 (0)30 450 524 024



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