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Mucosal Immunity

Dr. Lutz Hamann
Dr. Lutz Hamann
PI Genetic variance within the innate immune system


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Innate immune response and healthy aging

Aging is a multifactorial process resulting in accumulation of cellular damage, finally followed by the onset of aging-related diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, chronic lung diseases, cancer, and several more. One characteristic trait of the elderly is a chronically low level of inflammation, called inflamm-aging, that has been associated with the onset of aging-related diseases. Genetic variations that alter the innate immune response are not only associated with combating infectious diseases but also influence the onset of aging-related diseases. Our hypothesis is that genetic variations that impair innate immune response may be positively associated with healthy aging, thereby providing an example for antagonistic pleiotropy.

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Christoph Kleinle
Christoph Kleinle
PhD student