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Our main research interest is to develop novel tools for detection and therapy of biofilm-associated microbial infections, in particular for the in situ analysis of biofilm growth and bacteria-host interactions. These tools will aid to identify bacterial species or structures as targets for innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, as well as to determine the efficacy of antimicrobial agents on biofilm microbes. Currently, we focus on the spatial organization of the oral and gut microbiome and the interaction with the host. Further projects deal with understanding of infections due to fastidious or yet uncultured microorganisms.

PD Dr. Annette Moter, MD PhD
PD Dr. Annette Moter, MD PhD
PI Biofilmcenter


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1. Microbial biofilms

– Analysis of composition and activity of microbial biofilms in the clinical setting

– Diagnostics in biofilm-associated infections such as Infective Endocarditis, cardiovascular devices, oral biofilms in periodontitis and peri-implantitis, wounds and others


2. Testing of antimicrobial surfaces and antifouling materials against microbial biofilms in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo

– Measuring the efficacy of antimicrobial surfaces and antimicrobial materials against biofilms by FISH


3. Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and molecular analysis tools

– Combining FISH and nucleic acid amplification techniques (PCR, real-time PCR, NGS) for

  • Quantity and distribution of the microorganisms
  • Identification of key players and key pathogens
  • Study the mucosal interfaces
  • Development of FISH for the diagnostic setting


4. Whipple’s Disease and Tropheryma whipplei

– Consultant Laboratory for Tropheryma whipplei appointed by Robert Koch-Institute (RKI) 

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5. Culture negative infections and fastidious organisms

– Human Intestinal Spirochetosis

– Chorioamnionitis

Lab Members

Laura Kursawe
Laura Kursawe
Research Assistant


Gitina Fiedler
Gitina Fiedler


Julia Schmidt
Julia Schmidt
Research Assistant


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Alexandra Wießner
Alexandra Wießner
Research Assistant


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Dr. Judith Kikhney
Dr. Judith Kikhney


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The European Union (EU) and the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE) support our research. Aim of our ProFIT project is to increase the sensitivity of FISH. Ultimate goal is to test antimicrobial substances or surfaces in a FISH biofilm test-platform for improved medical implants. Biofilmzentrum carries out the project in cooperation with the SME MoKi Analytics. For more information, see

We are also supported by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie and the EXIST program.